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A space created as a conceptual home office, inspired by an idealistic perspective that longs for the outdoors during the quarantine of 2020. The design aims to bring the essence of natural spaces and establish a strong connection with them.

The color palette is defined based on the essence of Setto Studio, aiming to convey the serenity that characterizes each of their projects. Additionally, some products created by the studio are implemented to enhance the overall scene. The keyboard and desk align with the same visual language, complementing the concept of an ideal office space.

The project is proposed because of the situation facing society in the year 2020, such as the Covid-19 pandemic, forcing us to work and carry out our responsibilities from home.

It is there where those desires arise in which we are outdoors and we manage to have that contact with nature that recharges energy to human beings.

Home office / 
Covid 19

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