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Interior design project for the new autonomous workspaces.

Faculty of Arts, Universidad Nacional de Colombia.

CIC | collaborative, individual and creative.

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Individual spaces

The project contemplates two independent areas that are located opposite each other. Area A has an approximate size of 10 to 12 m2, in which 6 to 7 individual workstations are planned. Area B has a total area of approximately 8 m2 with a depth smaller than the previous space.

OBJETIVE | To enhance creative thinking and contribute to the design process and methods of collaborative and individual work, an interior design proposal is presented for the new autonomous workspaces at the Faculty of Arts, National University of Colombia.

The space provides for activities such as meetings, appointments, or teamwork sessions that meet your needs. It has an approximate area of 28 m2 with a capacity for 12 to 15 people

Collaborative spaces

Attention spaces

The space is designed for activities such as counseling, tutoring, and general conversations with teachers. It has an approximate area of 28 m2 with a capacity for 12 to 15 people.

Intermediate spaces

The space is designed as a circulation area within the building, characterized by the integration it provides between the service and personal areas.

Bogotá, 2021

Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Industrial Design Thesis Project

Interior Design of the School of Arts Building

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